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This is the only course founded on research evidence to address the issues facing practicing veterinarians in Australia. The course qualifies for 16 structured CPD points and all costs are tax deductible.

The course includes:

Understanding stress and its psychological, emotional and physical effects on the individual and their relationships.


Attitudes, beliefs and learning – cognitive dissonance.

Needs Wants and motivation.

The learnt optimistic explanatory.

Cognitive skills – relaxation techniques, goal setting and time management, stress inoculation and tips to succeed.

Body language – what others observe.

Communication skills – listening, aggressive, passive aggressive/passive and assertive communication verbal communication.

The assertive message.

Positive psychology – achieving a fulfilling satisfying life – character strengths and virtues, finding meaning.


Ideally for positive interactions the minimum number for a course is 10 with a maximum of 20. Courses can be organized in all cities and regional centres. For organizational purposes a form to register your interest will be forwarded on receipt of your email address.


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