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General Counselling.

“Following severe injury I suffered doubt and fear for my working future. I had doubts that I could effectively work again as a rural practitioner, a position I had enjoyed over twenty five years. Peter acted as a sounding board for these fears and doubts. He offered support and advice that enabled me to get past this self doubt, to again plan a future for myself and family. Without Peter’s calm and supportive questioning, and advice, I may not still be able to enjoy my role within the profession, and a bright and happy future.”

John DR, Veterinarian.


“I met Dr Hatch on a recommendation of a fellow colleague during a time when I felt lost and disillusioned about the profession. Peter helped me understand my own feelings and work through this time in my life. Peter being a practitioner gave me great solace that I was talking to someone that intimately understood what I was talking about. I feel now I face a the future better prepared as a result of working with Peter.”

Andrew J, Veterinarian



“As a vet student, I went to a NZ conference – a lecture discussed mental health in different professions – doctors were starting to do it tough, those of an oral persuasion were in trouble, and vets stats were close to nil. Since then, things have changed, and vets have surpassed other professions, leaving the general community way behind.

It seems our jungle brain is aware there is now a tiger that could pounce at any moment, BUT, unlike the jungle, we can’t light a fire and gather brambles to lessen the odds, so we’re in a state of persistent anxiety. Our bodies and minds can cope with bouts of it, not a continuum. Until we have the courage and wisdom to kill the tiger, we need a sage to help us cope.

Gather round the bonfire of Peter Hatch – he has walked the pathways you walk daily, has seen the jungle change, the tribe affected, and has turned his mind to that very thing. I have experienced the tiger, and it saddens me. Peter Hatch has a unique understanding of our world, and has helped my perception of it in a way noone else could.

All tribesfolk should seek counsel from time to time. Our tribesfolk should seek his wisdom before other tribes lure him away.”

Kevin P, Veterinarian



Peter Hatch’s stress management weekend in April was a very informative and helpful insight into the pressure and often overwhelming stress’s vets find in their everyday lives and work situations. The solutions and scenarios offered were very helpful in changing my mindset and improving my work/life balance.

Emma S, Veterinarian.