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Path to A Positive Veterinary Life

A two day course consisting of seminar and workshop components. The course has been specifically designed for veterinarians to address the issues defined by research. The resilience and coping skills within the course are not only applicable to veterinarians and staff but in a general generic format are applicable to all who have a desire to change their life to be more satisfying and rewarding.

Courses based on the same principals have been demonstrated to reduce PTSD in the US military if conducted before deployment into field operations when conducting peace missions.




vetlifeaustralia seminars-

These are one hour seminars that present the known facts regarding the mental health of veterinarians, the factors frequently giving rise to suicidal ideation and the necessary procedures if suicidal ideation is detected in an individual’s behaviour or life. These seminars are presented to groups of veterinarians and are free. If you are interested in a seminar or want to contribute to the well being of veterinarians in your district contact for further information.