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Dr Peter Hatch BVSc, Dip. of Professional Counselling.

From a rural background, Peter graduated in 1971 from the University of Queensland . He always expressed an interest in human behaviour and after a career in predominantly mixed animal practice completed the Diploma of Professional Counselling in 2002. Subsequently Peter began researching the issues of veterinarians and published in the Australian veterinary Journal (Nov 2011,Vol 89, No 11) the paper “Workplace Stress, Mental Health and Burnout of Australian Veterinarians”. Another paper is being prepared detailing the stressors reported by veterinarians in narrative answers.


Dr Christopher Doyle BVSc.

Chris graduated from the University of Queensland in 1971 and pursued a career in mixed practice in South Australia. He is currently a member of the AVA and past president of the Australian Greyhound Veterinary Association and a current member of the Greyhound Veterinary Analyst Group overseeing the drug testing regimes in that industry. Chris is a Director of Greyhound Racing South Australia and has been a Board member for six years. The practice and Board member experiences will be a valuable asset providing meaningful input into the deliberations of the Australian Veterinary Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Ltd. Chris is proud to be an inaugural member of the Board.




Dr Stephanie Zanatta BVSc.

Stephanie graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2012. She has spent time in small animal practice, but her focus shifted and is studying a Diploma in Counselling. Having always intuitively cared about the well being of others , Stephanie is passionate about supporting others in the veterinary industry.