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Burnout is defined as physical, emotional and psychological exhaustion or fatigue. It can be related to work, clients or to a general life busyness. Compassion fatigue considers only the emotional aspect of the burnout syndrome. Burnout is a direct result of chronic unrelieved stress. There are two models of work stress; firstly the demand/control and secondly the effort/reward imbalance and both can be applied to veterinarians.

The burnout state develops slowly over time and is characterized by decreasing personal satisfaction and reward from work. Work effort and performance reduces and challenges are viewed more as annoyances and not opportunity. In the case of client burnout clients are viewed as unwelcome distractions.

Burnout is infectious within the workplace as one decreases their workload others must fill the gap increasing their personal workload, increasing workplace stress and creating potential for another case of burnout. Recent research reports indicate an individual who is suffering burnout benefits from cognitive behaviour therapy. The other alternative is to leave the current workplace usually for a number of years pursuing a different career before recommitting to the original career.
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